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Business cards are a timeless marketing weapon. Although our digital world is cluttered with social network profiles, professional bios and About Us paragraphs, face-to-face networking is where we seal the deal and leave our window open for future contact.harvey-3

There’s something very powerful about being handed a well-designed, polished business card. Where would Suits’ Harvey Specter be without his? –>

Business cards are the most impactful way to leave your mark with new clients, networking events or casual run-ins with prospects. The reality is, in the cut throat world of business – people do judge a book by its cover, so your cover better be pretty damn good!

Creating the perfect business cards involve 3 very important C’s – clarity, cleverness and creativity. At Tralee Printing, we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly of card designs over the years, so we’re going to share our wisdom with a few helpful tips to make sure your business card screams Hot Shot!

Design & Layout

business cardsThere is no strict design rule book for business cards; depending on your preference you can impress with a one-sided clean cut design, to a card with one side dedicated to a beaming self-portrait (you hot shot, you!). What we will say is if you intend on incorporating a lot of info – impress at the front and inform at the back.

Your main image or design should be at the front (photo, logo, name) and your important information on the reverse. Make sure your text is at least 8 pt, in a clear readable font and in bold colour. Highlight your name and title in slightly bigger font if you wish to accentuate yourself even more.


Don’t clutter your business card, less is more with these little guys. Only include vital contact information the recipient will need to contact you, that being of course your name, title, contact number, email and business address; optional fields such as LinkedIn info are good to include also.


The best size and most commonly used size for business cards in our professional opinion 85x55mm.


Don’t make the very common mistake of throwing together a design filled with bright and bold colours to stand out from the crowd – while this is a good tactic, if it’s not done correctly it will stand out for all the wrong reasons. If you’re representing a business, try to keep your colour scheme in line with your brand (logo, typography colour etc.); this evokes familiarity with the recipient.

business cardsWhile well-designed colourful business cards can turn out quite impressive, never underestimate the clean, sleek effect of a black and white design.
It’s a good idea to work in CMYK colour mode as opposed to RGB. CMYK is used in colour printing. If you’re working in RGB, don’t forget to preview it in CMYK as some of your chosen colours may appear muddy when printed.


Thinking outside the box with your business card will certainly leave a lasting impression. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine. Use your occupation to your advantage – if you’re a graphic designer, go hell for leather with intricate design; an entertainer – why not add a little humour in the text! This photographer knows what I’m talking about…

business card

The Extra Mile

Adding extra elements like card sleeves can give it that “ooh aah” factor. A card sleeve gives the same effect as opening a letter or gift, which makes the idea of receiving it much more exciting!

business cards

There you have it, our tips on making your own Hot Shot business card. Now get creating and start impressing!

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